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Phoenix Rising
Emotional Energy Release

Clearing Negative Energies for a More Peaceful Self

What is EMOTIONAL ENERGY RELEASE  and how can it help you?

Emotional Energy Release gets you to the place where your past and your pain are no longer a barrier to living the life that you want to live.  Emotional Energy Release assists in releasing past blockages and patterns and allows the mind to see how things really are. 


Lora Ledbetter, Energy Alchemist

Have you ever thought about how much your emotions influence your physical and emotional health?

Lora is a trained practitioner in the emerging fields of energetic, holistic and negative energy release. She uses Emotion Code and Body Code techniques, a system for releasing the trapped emotions that block you from mental and physical healing.

Lora J. Ledbetter

Energy Alchemist

What is Energy Alchemy?

An Energy Alchemist combines many modalities to form a new path to 

self discovery and healing. 

Discover how releasing emotional baggage helps you feel renewed and joyful, in both body and mind. With these simple sessions, you’ll eliminate hidden trapped emotions, opening yourself and others to greater health, love and abundance. Find freedom from physical and emotional pain, and break through Heart-Walls to discover your passion!

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