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Emotional Release for
Physical Pain Relief...

Trapped emotions can cause us physical pain as well as emotional pain and illnesses. They can also affect our children in the same ways.  When you have a traumatic experience emotion, the vibration of that emotion can become trapped within the physical body tissues and organs and cause pain.   When they experience that same emotion at a later time in their life (because it has been trapped), they tend to rush to that emotion that which they are familiar and move on without processing or releasing the trauma causing negative behavior or emotions to give them grief and possibly anxiety or depression.  If that happens to show itself as anger, stress, frustration or confusion for example, they can become more frustrated (etc),  than the situation may warrant and can not process the emotion in order to move on in a healthy mind set to develop in a healthy way. 

Children and youth are still developing brains and need proper nutrition to allow for positive mental heath. Many young people do not intake all of the foods and or get all the vitamins they need in order to be healthy. Lora may recommend certain supplements or foods that he child/youth is lacking and in no way is she recommending you use any particular brand or endorsing a particular company. Only for informational purposes. She may provide links to sites or brands she feels are more beneficial than others, but in no way endorsing a product.

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